Java and online gaming

There are lots of areas where Java changed a whole market. Browser games and applications are one of these examples and if you’ve ever played some sort of online game chances are that it was based on Java allowing you to play games with your browser instead of downloading software. That was how things worked a couple of years ago. You were browsing the Internet to download games. Nowadays you dont have to download anything and you can play directly in your browser. And these games are very good with great graphics and excellent sound. Same is true for online casino games. A few years back you had to download your favorite online casino, install it before you were able to play. But in 2013 it’s common sense that casinos are played within your browser with Java or Flash.

And there are plenty of good reasons why you should play without a download in online casinos (see this great article at casinomates about casino downloads). For example you can play way quicker. You don’t have to wait until the software is downloaded and installed. There are a couple of new online casinos that only had decent success thanks to their download casino and to the fact that their customers prefer to play quickly in their browser instead of downloading casino software.